We provide turn-key premium cold brew coffee service that will enhance your business or event.

The Steeping Giant® cold brew coffee begins with our hand picked artisanal beans sourced from the worlds finest coffee estates. Our roasters uncompromising methods produce a micro roasted batch that is second to none. The distinct flavors come from our signature brewing and filtering techniques that happen no later than 48 hours after roasting. Pour a glass & experience the first artisan cold brew in a keg!


Experience the benefits of our premium service first hand:

• Award winning cold brew coffee

• Flexible billing

• Weekly and biweekly deliveries

• Ready to tap kegerator sales & leases

• No cost setup for qualifying accounts

• White glove service staff


The Health Benefit

Cold brew coffee is far less acidic than hot coffee. More employees enjoy cold brew neat. Less cream and sugar consumption leads to a healthier office environment.

Water Cooler 2.0 

Employees are far less likely to leave for caffeine when a premium product exists in the office. Congregation during caffeination breaks inspires collaboration and progressive ideas. More employees are active when they look forward to the cup of coffee in the office.


Perks for retaining existing employees in today’s work environment is key to success. High turnover means spending money and dedicating resources to refilling the same position. Providing a unique and exciting beverage proves the company cares.


Focus for those afternoon meetings where the team is in a slump and brainpower is being diminished. Restorative properties of caffeine block adenosine receptors that give the brain a boost in energy and focus.