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Gargantua: a full body clean and smooth with a buttery cocoa finish.


Welcome to The Steeping Giant

Before you dig deeper, The Steeping Giant is a passion product. Our goal is to provide a smooth, rich cold brew that lasts weeks in the fridge with no quality compromised. We have steeped almost every origin, within reason of course, to create a full bodied cold brew that appeases the true coffee enthusiast. We found most origins lacking properties of their hot brewed counterpart. So we carefully selected our origins and roast profiles to cover every nuance cold brew can offer. We have created a smooth cold brew with a GIANT flavor spectrum. Try it you won't be disappointed.

What is Cold Brew?

Heat creates chemical compounds that interact with your tastebuds and create a wonderful coffee experience. These chemicals are wonderful when they're hot. They're not so delicious once they've cooled down. By never introducing heat to the equation, we never have to worry about any chemical compounds that may cause bitterness or funkyness. The best result from true cold brewing is a coffee taste that's as pure to the bean as you can get!

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Restaurant and Office Delivery

Restaurant/Cafe Delivery

Have a restaurant or cafe that you want to serve cold brew in?  Contact us and we will deliver and fullfill your Cold Brew orders and give you a Kegerator to serve it out of. Learn More

Office Service/Party

You will be the coolest office in town when you have Cold Brew Coffee on tap in your office. We can even bring our tap over and serve it at your office party. For more information contact us

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