5 Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee in the Workplace

Apr 17, 2019


Coffee is the lifeblood of many businesses, workplaces, and offices around the world. People love everything about coffee: the taste, the smell, the feeling they get in the morning after their first cup, and the way it makes them feel awake and ready to face the day.

Aside from the wonderful way that coffee makes people feel, studies have shown that there are also numerous health benefits when people consume caffeine in a bean. From boosting employee moods to increasing productivity, here are just a few of the benefits of serving cold brew in your place of business.


Why cold brew?

Cold brew coffee contains less acid than hot coffee which means most people need less cream and sugar to take off the bitter edge. The consumption of less sugar and fat means a healthier functioning brain and body, which in turn produces healthier employees. Plus, cold brew just tastes really, really good.


Increased Productivity. Coffee has been proven to cure many an afternoon slump, and this is especially true when you have cold brew on tap in your office and readily available for your employees. Don’t just take our word for it; studies have shown that caffeine inhibits the adenosine receptors in the brain which slow mental function, making people tired and sleepy. Caffeine enters the system and prevents Adenosine from binding with the brain receptors which then stimulates and energizes the body. Offering coffee in your office also decreases employee trips to the local coffee shop, and instead keeps everyone working more efficiently and for longer amounts of time.


Health Benefits. In some studies coffee was actually shown to increase the long-term memory of some individuals. Additionally, people who drink more than one cup of coffee a day have been shown to have better mental health and a lower risk of liver disease, diabetes, and heart failure. Healthy employees perform better at work and in their lives because they feel great.


Mood Booster. Yes, it’s true that drinking coffee does, in fact, make you feel better. This is because it stimulates the neurotransmitter Dopamine which activates all your ‘feel good’ feelings. This is also why many people enjoy it throughout their day and not only in the morning when they wake up. By keeping cold brew on tap in your office you are investing in the well being of your valued employees.


Coworker Camaraderie. Years ago it was much more common than today for employees to take smoke breaks throughout the day at work. This turned into a sort of social gathering where information, stories, ideas, and small talk would accompany the smoking. Now it is much more common to find people in the staff break room filling up on coffee and doughnuts, or even stepping out of the office mid-morning and mid-afternoon to find satisfy their caffeine craving. When you offer cold brew in your staff lounge or breakroom you are promoting coworker relationships and camaraderie while providing coveted caffeine at the same time.


Employee Retention. No company likes high rates of turnover or having to constantly look for new people to fill job openings. When you supply cold brew in your office you are showing your employees that you value them by providing such an awesome perk in their place of work. Remember, happy employees, equal hardworking employees who want to stick around for the long haul!


The benefits of consuming coffee are clear and cannot be ignored. Offering delicious tasting cold brew in your place of business is a perk that will pay you back in increased productivity and happier and healthier employees. If you aren’t already supplying coffee in your office, what are you waiting for?

 The Steeping Giant brings premium nitro cold brew coffee in easily accessible kegerators right into your office. Our award-winning coffee will invigorate and energize your employees throughout their workday, so let’s get started.


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