The Culture of Coffee

Jun 27, 2019


Experience the Culture

It’s no secret that in the last twenty years coffee has completely taken on a life of its own. What was once a boring, bland, and mediocre part of the morning has become a revolution of slow roasts, brewing methods, carefully sourced beans, and exciting flavor combinations that leave most people craving a second cup. In short, consuming coffee has now become an experience. In fact, adults aged 35 and under are looking for a unique coffee experience and are willing to pay more for it, which supports the statistic that a cup of regularly brewed coffee has more than doubled in price in the last fifty years. 

From the moment you walk into a coffee shop to that first sip of your favorite hot or cold caffeinated beverage, the culture of coffee consumers is a special one. There seems to be a belief that coffee has somewhat supernatural properties, in that we can accomplish anything in our day as long as we consume our favorite cup (or four) of java. Drinking coffee gives most people a good feeling, it satisfies a craving, and whether consumed hot or cold, it is an overall enjoyable experience.

Coffee is no longer a subpar cup of black hot liquid with some cream and sugar. Coffee is incredibly customizable; you can literally order any flavor, size, or roast you want. You can combine flavors and order products not even offered on the menu. Just like most things in our world, the coffee experience has been transformed to give the consumer exactly what they want.

Community and Culture

Independently owned, local coffee shops have made an enormous showing in the last decade. The reason for this is that most people like a second place to call ‘home,’ and coffee shops have created a comfortable atmosphere and offer tasty beverages to foster that sense of welcome. Another reason coffee culture has evolved is because of the sense of community it brings. Baristas who know your name and order off hand or running into the same group of people every time you visit all lend themselves to creating that comforting feel of belonging.

The phrase, “Support Your Local Coffee Shop,’ is one that die-hard coffee consumers are familiar with. There is a movement among millennials and Gen Z to shun chain coffee shops and instead only support the locally owned companies, which in fact only adds to the sense of community within the coffee culture. By supporting your local coffee companies, you are in fact supporting local roasters, brewers, and people who live and work in your neighborhood. Isn’t that the very definition of community?

Coffee Culture on Tap

Imagine if you could bring the community, comfort, and culture of your local coffee shop into your workplace. Would you feel more relaxed and comfortable? Would you be more productive? It would certainly be a huge workplace perk to have premium cold brew on tap, easily accessible for the caffeine craving that inevitably hits after lunchtime. The convenience of consuming delicious and refreshing cold brew without having to leave the office is not only sure to please everyone in the office, but it saves time as well.

So instead of gathering around the water cooler for that 15 minute break or to share in office politics, see what you can do to get premium cold brew delivered to your employee break room every week. By bringing the amazing culture of coffee into your office you may find that it begins to change the culture of your company as well.

For more information on bringing a unique coffee experience into your office or workplace contact us here.


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